Jingle Player

Of the Jingle Player Download plays short audio clips at your fingertips. So peppeln radio or party DJs their mix on a certain Wiedererkennnungswert.

Jingle Player Download plays audio files of all types

Whether you einspielt advertising, known from the radio jingles short à la ".. The best mix"Or or or .. what the Jingle Player now really going, it does not matter. organized into user-defined categories of Audio Player has 12 buttons each, which can be assigned the audio files. Depending on the installed audio codecs, the user adds these files to the formats WAV, MP3, etc. and assigns catchy abbreviations.

On request Jingle Player regulates the current audio signal automatically before the jingle playback down and then up again. In addition, another function for the stand-alone import of clips every X minutes makes. An integrated protocol takes off in a log file, which jingle was played when.

Jingle Player Download