7-PDF Maker

the free 7-PDF Maker Download brings a versatile converter for PDF files on the home PC. Unlike most PDF generator, this tool is not set up as a virtual printer, converter module is integrated. but the conversion is at least as easy. In addition, the freeware has many extras such as password encryption on board.

The 7-PDF Maker Download - a convenient PDF converter

When it comes to the transfer of files, the PDF format has been established. Almost everyone uses it, be it at work for the exchange of project documents or just for e-mail attachments to be sent to friends. So available with a variety as the applications, so great is the offer PDF freeware to create, convert and edit PDFs. One such program of free 7-PDF Maker is download. The converter impresses with its compatibility so it supports 80 formats, he transformed easily into PDFs. In addition, the conversion itself is the tool a breeze.

7-PDF Maker Download

System requirements for the PDF Converter

The program is only available for Windows operating systems. The converter runs on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2012, 2008 and 2003. In addition, the PDF generator to run in the future on Windows 10th The file is about 53 MB in size, the 7-PDF Maker download may therefore take a few moments. During installation, the user has the possibility to create another command line. This then allows you to convert PDFs in DOS mode. According to the manufacturer, the freeware for private and business purposes must be used.

Range of features of 7-PDF Maker

The PDF converter can work with all types of formats: It supports both Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PPPs, image formats such as JPG, TIFF, and AutoCAD files as well as open-source formats. The program also ensures that hyperlinks are retained after the conversion. Furthermore, the tool generates tagged PDF files and automatic tables of contents from paragraphs. Those who want to protect their files from unauthorized access, can be encrypted them. Therefor PDF Converter brings a 128-bit password encryption.

7-PDF Maker Download Features

The tool PDFs are created in two clicks

In addition to the extensive format support the best is the ease of use of the tool. The user can create their PDFs with just two clicks, no matter what format output he has. This simple conversion process by the Windows Explorer integration ensured. The user clicks the file only with the right mouse button and select Create PDF from finished. The PDF created will appear in the same folder as the original file. To view the PDFs of the converters to Sumatra PDF Viewer is integrated. but the files can be opened with Adobe Reader and Co..

7-PDF Maker Download Integration

PDF generator stands out in many respects Who needs a PDF converter that makes the 7-PDF Maker Download it right. The tool creates PDFs with two clicks, supported even formats that you'd never do, and provides other helpful extras. In addition, the freeware can even be used for professional purposes.