Fiesta online

Fiesta online

After free Download Fiesta Online gamers dive down into the fantastic anime world of Isya. In the game, which belongs to the genus MMORPG, players from around the world compete against each other. In the role of a hunter, priest or other heroic character you go into an adventure in which you have to solve problems and defeat monsters.

The story behind the Fiesta Online Download

The game is sold in Europe by gamigo AG, in Korea Ons On Soft. The download takes a fantasy game on the home PC, which uses the Japanese style of anime. The game transports the player into a fictional parallel world ruled in harmony and peace. this beautiful world of Legel, an oversized power was created. Other gods looked resentful of the power and exiled Legel. This created with Bijou an image of himself that could not be destroyed. The gods ravaged the once peaceful world, but Bijou could not be destroyed, only be shared in countless small parts. These were scattered throughout the world of Isya. The task of the hero, it is now to find these items and assemble.

Fiesta Online Download

RPG with a classic hero figure

For the great task, the player embarks on an adventurous journey through the colorful anime realm, providing uncountable missions dangers and pitfalls. Help find the hero in the villages, where residents have ready useful quests. In addition, the player can search among the players allies or exchange goods at the trade date.

Requirements for the fantasy role-playing game

The file of the Fiesta Online Downloads is relatively large at 1.8 GB, so the download may take some time. The game can be installed on the following Windows operating systems: Windows XP, 7 and 8. For unrestricted gameplay is a Pentium 4 processor requires 1.6 GHz. In addition, a 512 MB of RAM and a hard disk space of 3 GB is required. also part of the minimum requirement for DirectX 9.0c and directy for the graphics card nVidia GeForce MX. In addition, the players on the platform gamigo must register to be able to immerse themselves in the MMORPG adventure.

Fiesta Online Download struggles

choose anime character in Fiesta Online

How knows the experienced role players from many other role-playing games downloads, he must first slip into a role. Fiesta Online Download it are five different classes. He can choose between Hunter, Priest, Mage, Warrior and Joker. From level 60 yet the Crusaders comes to that, which is both a good fighter and magic has. Each character has its own special skills, some like warriors and Joker are prepared to respond melee, one for ranged combat. The priest, for example, slips rather in the role of the helper, the magician, however, can even summon allies in the course of the game.

Fiesta Online Download Crusaders

After the character selection, the player can assign his role two professions. Are available for selection, among other material decomposition or improvement, Scroll production, creating potions or stone production.