Disketch Disc Label Software

Disketch Disc Label Software

At the Disketch Disc Label Software Download is it to be quickly and easily created and printed a marking software, with the CD and DVD label and -cover.

Print own DVD label via Disketch Disc Label Software Download

Using your photos and images can be used to make cases as individual, personal and label images and text with drag&Drop; to be placed on the labels. Anyone with a printer and blanks can ban labels on demand directly to the silver pieces with Disketch Disc Label Software.

Disketch Disc Label Software Download

Disketch Disc Label Software with layout templates for Avery signatures

The label printer has a range of optimized layout templates for Avery signatures on board. In this way, their own designs can easily accommodate the pre-perforated paper. Also useful the opportunity to read the media is loaded from the freeware and summarized so that the content can be used when printing.

print CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays directly

The operation of the freeware turns out to be fairly straightforward. Professional-looking DVD and CD covers are created quickly. The user selects the type of label, so either CD, DVD or Blu-Ray and add your own pictures and texts. For this, there are several options "… print on generic Paper" to disposal. Who "Direct to Disc" selects the blanks directly printed, whereby it must have a special printer with media printing.

High resolution images of the common manufacturers can be used

about "Select Stationery" leads to a list of printing templates, under which the manufacturer Avery, Herma, Memorex and Merit Line can be found. With "Load Custom" Finally, a previously saved layout or template can be reloaded and processed.

Disketch Disc Label Software Download Labels

The key features the DVD cover software:

  • Create labels for CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays
  • Using your photos for personal CD label and sleeves
  • printing on adhesive labels
  • DVD or CD print directly
  • move text and images and superimpose
  • Selection of a plurality of text styles
  • format text, adjust and resize
  • Import track names directly from a CD
  • Change background color
  • Adjust print position manually
    make chic, custom CD and DVD labels and print make download with Disketch Disc Label Software creative users own labels and covers for standard media. Several templates are included, which can be used for CD and DVD cases. The freeware creates chic DVD and CD labels and inlays for CD and DVD cases with its own artwork. More Tools for CD and DVD covers, users find a free download of our software offering.

Limitations of Disketch Disc Label Software

For private, non-commercial use free.