B1 Free Archiver

packed with the B1 Free Archiver and the user unpacks various archive formats, secure them with password and encryption and is able to determine to send these, for example, by e-mail nor the size of the archives themselves.

The B1 Free Archiver Download to pack and unpack archives

Who needs to tackle the most common formats and extract frequently, whether privately or at work, the need to B1 Free Archiver Download. This tool dominates namely a number of archive formats, namely

  • Zip
  • RAR
  • 7Z
  • B1which can pack and unpack it with ease.

Other features of clever B1 Free Archiver

In addition to the various formats that supports Pack tool, it saves the data in two ways: On the one hand, the user can the miss individual archives passwords. On the other hand there is the 256 bit AES encryption.

B1 Free Archiver Download

These two security mechanism ensure privacy largest of archives, even if the user wants to send by e-mail them. the user can even specify the size that you want the archive for this project. For this, the program uses the compression algorithm B1. Furthermore, the tool not only works carefully and safely but in addition also still very fast.

Functionally, chic and easy to handle - the packer for all situations

the Zip & Unzip tool integrates perfectly with Windows and offers a very tidy, pretty and structured menu. This has various buttons, which are marked with icons and simplified navigation.

B1 Free Archiver Download Overview

Since the user interface is available in German, anyone can, whether computer professional or computer novice work well with the tool. That's a big advantage for the B1 Free Archiver and many other Zip / Unzip tools for free download. Also, there are several keyboard shortcuts that allow the user to express commands. Once these are mastered properly, very quickly not only the tool but also the user is working. This navigation simplistic mechanism packs and unpacks the user in no time the various archives. Practical tool for virtually anyone With a B1 Free Archiver Download the user can do so quickly nothing wrong because he works fast, safe and reliable, and is just as well to use. This makes the Zip / Unzip Tool to such an irreplaceable tools for everyday life, be it at home or in the office. So it is with this freeware is a highly recommended software, which should be missing on any computer.