BTF sniffer Browsed all working and surfing traces on the PC and deletes traces. The freeware tool protects the own privacy, relieving the computer of unnecessary garbage. In the use of the Internet surfers often leaves more marks than he thinks. At any time they could be taken by curious people inspected. This prevents BTF sniffer. In addition to the operating system tracks and the legacy of the popular web browser, and browser extensions such as Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player BTF sniffer logs the footsteps of Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader. Also multimedia and graphics programs such as Photoshop and other software &# 45; Google Earth to WinZip - remain under control. BTF sniffer detects the manufacturer in the current version 1,380 types of tracks of more than 370 different programs. BTF sniffer reveals which Web sites have recently called, opened the files and what programs were started. The times at which the PC is turned on and off, can be read. Of course, the freeware also presented that generates folder, delete the files and what was sought. all work and Internet traces can quickly and easily be removed with BTF sniffer, including the lists of recently opened files, the search terms used and the selected web pages. Single or multiple selectable lists are deleted with a mouse click. These can be combined to favorite group and to delete a targeted without having to re-select individual lists by hand.