PC Decrapifier

Manufacturers like to deliver complete PCs and laptops with additional demo and trial versions. The free PC Decrapifier removes this unwanted software offerings on Windows.

PC Decrapifier Download: Delete Preloaded demos

PC Decrapifier does the job without installation routine. After the program calling the freeware guides the user step by step through the selection of the applications that is to be deleted from the hard disk. The so-called crapware from the free helper then forever from the plate.

PC Decrapifier Download

However, it may happen that the PC Decrapifier overlooks one way or another demo in its cleaning. Here the user has to do manually. The freeware sets before the fire fighting safety's sake a restore point. With PC Decrapifier you hit the Bundlewut many PC and laptop manufacturers cheat. Who at buying a new computer often unnecessary software offerings have always been a thorn in the flesh, save with the useful freeware the manual uninstall crapware or the virgin reinstall your operating system.

Limitations of PC Decrapifier

The software is free for personal use.