SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt

With the SimCity BuildIt Download Players create an entire city on the smartphone or tablet. As mayor users build skyscrapers, trade, and sometimes do not have to solve quite as everyday problems.

SimCity BuildIt Download: Client in the mobile universe

When BuildIt app SimCity is a city-building simulation, which was developed specifically for mobile devices. In it, players build their liking a virtual city. Due to the large variety of buildings finished cities are as unique as their creators.

In the complex simulation, any decision to build on the welfare of the whole city has an effect. For creating a thriving metropolis with happy residents much strategic thinking is required.

SimCity BuildIt Download

If you have completed the urbanization and made the economic recovery, global trade may be driven with other players. The builder can also visit the virtual cities of their friends and view their worlds. But even for single player gameplay thanks to numerous missions is not neglected.

Android users can play the game both on smartphones and on tablets. Due to the horizontal orientation and the amount of detail the game comes on tablets to best advantage.

build successful metropolis in SimCity BuildIt

Anyone who has played the SimCity Classic is already on the PC, is ideal along in the mobile SimCity BuildIt download. Mayor without experience usually require several attempts to build a successful city. A well-structured city with many inhabitants, good trade and high Taxes requires a lot of dedication and patience.

SimCity BuildIt Download Goods

In order for the SimCity residents are happy, they want especially following parks and fresh air. Therefore, you should make sure that the factories and coal power plants are not placed too close to residential areas. Who, however, the mayor Villa to set up next to the residential buildings, there entices especially many residents. A balance between education, entertainment and service buildings ensures a high population density and higher revenue.

Simulator game with long waits

Unlike the PC versions of the game SimCity BuildIt download is free. However, like many free games also sets the city-building simulation to in-app purchases of the players.

For the construction of each element of a predetermined sum of game currency Simoleans is needed. These are earned by tax revenues, which turn out very meager just at the beginning of the game. This makes the game start to a tough affair with long waits. If you have the necessary sum together, a lot of patience is also for the construction of individual objects required: The production of building materials will take a few minutes and in large projects, players must wait sometimes for 24 hours.

The painfully slow pace of System: Virtual currency and accelerating the construction times can be acquired within the game for real money. The makers are betting that players prefer to invest their money, rather than wait the long pauses. Who wants neither the one nor the other do, finds numerous gaming alternatives in the download area for simulator games.