The friend list at Snapchat is something of a status symbol for many. With many friends but the overview is quickly lost again. In contrast, there are Help: You can namely Change Snapchat name and better allocate your friends so again.

Keeping track and change Snapchat name

Snapchat is THE trend among young people. Particularly exciting for many is that messages sent after a certain time delete yourself again. And especially the filter function has many dressed in dog's snout and rainbow face. Who wants to try the Snapchat app, you can download free from us, install and explore the world of snaps. World filters even customize the environment, it is only one of the big things. And constantly add new filters that must try it.

Change Snapchat nameNo more overview of your friends? You can change their Snapchat name. (Picture:

Many use Snapchat today. Especially among the 12- to 19-year-old photo network is now more popular than Facebook. Accordingly, many friends have the most regular users as well. In Snapchat the name is in every contact, however, by default, the user has given himself.Then, when the third Lisa shows up or Max has an unrecognizable user names, which can quickly lead to confusion.

For a better overview, the developers have built but Remedy: The names of the friends get namely adapt - individually.

Customize name - Here's how

Will you miss more understandable name your friends, so You will know better on your account, your best to proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  2. Searches for a contact out, do you want to change its name - and provides previously sure that you can assign exactly and who is behind this contact.
  3. Go to "Edit" and give the box that appears, type the name by which you want to save the contact. This should be a name that you can assign your good your friend.
  4. Tap on "Save" and the name is adopted and displayed to you immediately in the feed instead of assigned by Contact user name.
    So you can proceed like want to adjust their names you with all your contacts. Depending on the scope of the Friends list that can obviously take a while.

For that you have then again the full and compact review about it, so who hangs out in your Snapchat contacts. Your friends get out of the way, the name change nothing.

So to change the name and Snapchat better assign friends again is not all that difficult. The function is perhaps appropriate tucked away only at first glance.