Of the ecoDMS download provides a modern and flexible document management system for optimal workflow in paperless office. The shareware cares for example, the audit compliant archiving of more than 180 file formats, to simple retrieval of all documents.

ecoDMS Download with many useful tools

ecoDMS covers almost all conceivable aspects of document management with its server-client structure. From the processing of incoming mail scanned documents up to the easy-to-use archiving system, the DMS has a variety of useful tools on board. With the help of separator sheets ecoDMS scans an entire stack of documents if necessary. Slip Sheets signal the system to start new documents directly from the scan. For a better overview documents are automatically split into individual files. The built-in ecoDMS virtual printer driver allows the deposition and subsequent management of all digital documents in ecoDMS.

ecoDMS download

In this way, any printable programs such as Outlook, Excel, Word, OpenOffice or Thunderbird use and documents can easily archive them as PDFs. For each document in ecoDMS the user can create their own form fields and enrich it with information in a few steps. These entries can be made directly from the active program. Files that are already in digital form on the file system can also via the drag & Drop procedures are quickly pushed into the archives and classified. The built-in templates designer enables automatic classification and archiving of documents.

Limitations of ecoDMS

The trial version is available commercially 30 days. For private use and up to three users, the software can be used as freeware.