Netflix 4K: Set quality? 2023

Netflix 4K: Set quality?

Update of May 3, 2017: Tucked Nvidia has now announced that Geforce graphics cards now one Netflix 4K-allow stream. There is also, however, to observe certain conditions. You read more below.

Original dated 20 April 2017: The image appears again somehow pixelated and grainy, although the line is not too weak? What many do not know: You can adjust the Netflix quality and depending on the setup and Internet speed also Netflix 4K-stream content. We looked around and show you what you have to watch.

Netflix 4KWho Netflix wants to stream 4K content, must bring devices with certain conditions. (Picture: Netflix / Editorial)

Is Netflix 4K everywhere possible?

Netflix is ​​definitely one of the largest streaming services of our time and shares currently probably only with Amazon Prime to the throne on the German market. A big plus – especially towards free and thus often not legally available – is the good quality, having the streams on the payment portal. There are now even next HD and UHD streaming some content that can be displayed on the Netflix app or browser in high-resolution 4K.

But sometimes the picture looks somewhat krisselig, all the pixels are seen or the video will not invite only really. If so, you can easily manually take a look at the settings and see if maybe you can do something, so that the stream runs smoothly.

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In principle, it is but with Netflix and especially with Netflix 4K always on bandwidth, the device and on your subscription model how well a film or series are displayed. Because it’s clear that the higher the quality, the more data is loaded.

Netflix 4K account settingsYou can adjust the quality of the stream through the account settings. (Image: Screenshot Netflix / Editorial)

Set Netflix quality manually?

Whoever the Netflix proprietary algorithm that automatically adjusts the quality, not quite trust can also manually take a look at the settings:

  1. Opens to Netflix in the browser on the PC and log you a with your credentials.
  2. Then you call your account at the top right and opens the Playback Settings. Here you get four resolution options offered: Auto, Low, Medium and High.

In the picture you already see how high the data consumption for each setting. Streams your Ultra-HD content, it weighs in at around 7 GB per hour quite enormous impact. So attacks your back on an internet contract with a limited amount of data, you should definitely watch out here.

Should you via smartphone or tablet stream, You must also certainly not necessarily a HD stream. Here, the average or even the low setting should definitely be enough. Attention: Select your option “Automatic” said Netflix adapts to your bandwidth. Here, too, should watch who is using a limited volume agreement.

Netflix 4K qualityFour settings are available for the quality to choose from. Anyone who wants to stream in 4K, must use the highest quality level – but that requires some data stream. (Image: Screenshot Netflix / Editorial)

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possible restrictions

You have the quality high, but somehow it’ll work is not that right? That could be because your bandwidth is just too low, or your device is not designed for high video quality. Or you can simply use the “wrong” subscription model. As you your Netflix subscription model changes, you can learn here: Netflix costs: The users get for their money
So there’s no point to enter an ultra-HD subscription, if your machine can not play HD anyway or your Internet is just too slow.
Just as you of course need a 4K-capable device, if you want to stream such high-resolution content.

4K – what’s up here like this?

Netflix has jumped as one of the first providers to 4K train and now offers some films and series, and documentaries in high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. but you need it in any case, the highest subscription model for 11.99 euros, with the gets your access to Ultra-HD content. Modern facilities include a 4K-compatible TV with HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and a fast internet connection with at least (!) 16 Mbit / s duty. Looks best that your TV supports Netflix as an app. The streaming quality you should set your right to “High”.

Netflix 4K selectionThe selection of movies and series, and documentaries that can be displayed in UltraHD, continues to grow. (Image: Screenshot Netflix / Editorial)

Does your a Windows 10 PC with Edge, you can possibly via the Netflix Windows 10 App also Netflix 4K content stream – if your PC has an Intel processor Kaby Lake generation. These are the Core i-7xxx models. However, the monitor supports HDCP 2.2 mandatory. Also various Nvidia GeForce graphics cards are now – since Creators update for Windows 10 – 4K-capable. However, your needs for a pixel accelerator with Pascal chip. 4K are capable models GTX 1050 (Ti), GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX, 1080 (Ti) and titanium XP. Restrictions’s continue with AMD graphics cards that support 2.2 no 4K content despite HDMI 2.0 and HDCP.

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An overview of all Netflix 4K content gets your if your simply looking for in the search bar at Netflix for “4K”. Meets Your device also all requirements for 4K, you get an extra line with “UltraHD 4K” -Inhalten displayed.