Wondershare Mobile Trans

Wondershare Mobile Trans

Wondershare Mobile Trans comes as moving supplies for smartphone owners on the computer. The shareware transferred all important data from a mobile phone to the next, with more than 3,000 models of common manufacturers are following the manufacturer’s controlled, including iPhone (iOS), Nokia (Symbian) and Samsung (Android). The user can choose which files to be transferred between the mobile phones.

Wondershare Mobile Trans Download as intelligent moving supplies

Wondershare Mobile Trans comes with both Android and with iOS and Symbian mobiles zurande and also does not discriminate between portable phones of different mobile phone operators. The shareware transfers SMS, call history, photos, music, videos and apps. The contacts also can be copied quickly and easily, including address, email and company information. Which of the stored data can be moved in a particular case, however, depends on the operating system of the source and destination devices.

Wondershare Mobile Trans Download

transfer music, videos and apps with Wondershare Mobile Trans

For example, while moved as easily from Android to Android contacts, call logs and SMS can be like music, videos and apps, the list shrinks when moving from Android and iOS Symbian only together on SMS and contacts. What features of Wondershare Mobile Trans download so keep ready in detail, depends on the individual device configuration of each user. Small drawback: The connection to the source device, the transport aid her only via a USB cable, Bluetooth is not supported here.

Wondershare Mobile Trans Download transmission

Currently supports the Wondershare Mobile Trans Download claims to the following mobile operating systems:

  • Android 2.1 to Android 4.4
  • IOS 5, IOS 6, IOS 7 & iOS 7.1
  • Nokia Symbian 40 & Symbian 60 & Symbian 3
  • BlackBerry OS 7.1 and earlier versions

transfer songs and playlists from your iTunes library

Data from Backups can be backed up, which were made with mobile software like iTunes and BlackBerry Desktop Suite. Songs and playlists from your own iTunes library can for example transmit on a new Android device the music lover.

delete sensitive data from old phones

Who wants to permanently and securely erase data from his old phone or tablet, so they do not fall into the wrong hands has with Wondershare Mobile Trans have a helpful resource to hand. The software includes a feature that remove existing data from iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android phones and in a depth scan also equal to erase all data from the memory of the device reliable.

Wondershare Mobile Trans Download transmission

transfer data between smartphones and tablets reliable Anyone who buys a new smartphone and does not know how to transfer files directly from its old phone to the new device accesses the mobile phone move to Wondershare Mobile Trans. With the shareware can be transfer data between iPhone, Android and Symbian smart phones and various wireless carriers fairly straightforward. Mobile Trans assists help you to transfer contacts, text messages, music, call logs, photos and other media between mobile devices and synchronize reliable.

Limitations of Wondershare Mobile Trans

30 day trial, only ever copied five randomly selected contacts.