Banking 4W

Whether for business or pleasure, these days almost everyone has more than one bank account. to keep track, is not always easy in the face of. Remedy provides the home banking software from Subsembly. After this Banking 4W Download you can organize accounts with over 3,000 German banks and PayPal in a clear application center with the financial software and manage. The special feature: Banking 4W supports the HBCI standard with smart card readers.

Banking 4W download with the latest safety technology

Unlike many other home banking solutions and free download programs from the field of Finance Banking 4W supports both the SEPA payment with IBAN and BIC for domestic payments and payments within the European SEPA area and the HBCI blend with smart card readers. This is a standardized interface for home banking, which is considered very safe. In many banks, this technology is now available in combination with a HBCI chip card, a smart card reader and a financial software used. Who already uses the HBCI technology, so you have not to worry because of the compatibility: After banking 4W download the home banking software comes with all standard HBCI smart card deal.

Banking 4W Download

use banking 4W across platforms

HBCI or HBCI + and FinTS but are not the only security techniques that are used in banking 4W. Particularly sensitive financial data, for example, be repealed in the encrypted data vault and can be edited across platforms beyond - thanks to Dropbox, iCloud and USB flash drive. Of course, banking 4W supports the new Smart TAN TAN chip and mobile TAN procedure, as is the classic TAN procedure.

Install Banking 4W

The banking software banking 4W can also be installed on a USB stick. In this way one can do his banking transactions from any computer with a USB port, without that the software must be reinstalled everywhere. The 256-bit AES encryption ensures the necessary security, even if the stick should again be lost.

Banking 4W drive or PC

About accounts Griffins text search with home banking software from Subsembly

In terms of comfort, the software also has much to offer. In addition to the basic function to manage multiple accounts in one convenient application, it is also a reminder that helps, transfers and recurring payments in transit or from to do at home. Particularly noteworthy is the accounts over grab text search, for example in sales, payments or standing orders. Useful aid for Money Managers Who has only one account, the financial software Subsembly not need well. Even with a master account and a secondary account the benefits of banking 4W is rather low. Really helpful software on the other hand, if three or more accounts are managed from a single source. Last but not least, these are shareware or demo software. This means that the Banking 4W download is free, but after a 30-day trial period that comes in this case, without any restriction, the software costs 20 euros. The purchase is worth it especially if you really have to manage many accounts. The latest security techniques and the ability to use the software on the go, Banking 4W make them the ideal partner for financial managers.