WhatsApp does not send: Causes and Help

WhatsApp does not send? There are all reasons why either no or just a tick behind the typed message appears, and how to quickly fix the problem!

Whether one uses the popular Messenger on the iPhone, after WhatsApp for Android download or via web app on the PC, it can happen again and again that messages are not sent. Sometimes it is on the Internet, occasionally WhatsApp itself, or - in the worst case, one was blocked.

WhatsApp does not send

WhatsApp does not send: error analysis

First, you should know what the tick for WhatsApp actually mean:

  • No check mark. The message was not sent.
  • A check mark: The message was successfully sent to the WhatsApp server, but not yet delivered to the recipient's phone.
  • Two check mark: The message was successfully delivered to the recipient's phone, but he has not yet read or read receipt disabled.
  • Two blue check mark: The recipient has read the message.

The error analysis is based on the status that is displayed.

WhatsApp does not send: No check mark: Causes and Solutions

Is to recognize no check mark behind the message, the message has not been sent. The most common reason is a bad internet connection. In this case, the following steps can help.

  • First, the mobile network or Wi-Fi connection should be checked. Is it possible to use other services or access websites?
  • Functioning of other services and sites easily, WhatsApp should be updated and the latest version can be downloaded. In rare cases, WhatsApp itself is down. be checked in the menu item using the system state - in an emergency you have to wait a bit.
  • If the device can not connect to the Internet usually helps a reboot or connect to another Wi-Fi. If necessary, the flight mode is activated or deactivated data usage. In this case, these settings must be reversed.

WhatsApp does not send status request

WhatsApp does not send: A check

If only one check mark appear behind the message, it was sent to the WhatsApp server (with the phone so everything is fine), but not yet delivered to the recipient. The problem lies with the receiver. The reasons may be:

  • The recipient's phone is turned off.
  • The receiver has a poor Internet connection, his phone is in flight mode or has data usage disabled.
  • It was blocked by the receiver.

blocked at WhatsApp? These are the signs:

Once you suspect that you have been blocked, can the reference to verify some clues. However, subject to change. WhatsApp sets privacy value that a blockage can not be clearly seen. It can therefore be other reasons for the following situations:

  • The time stamp that indicates when the user was online the last time, is no longer visible.
  • The profile picture is gone or is no longer updated.
  • Calls are not successful.
  • The person can no longer add to group chats up.