Google Play Store app

Google Play Store app

According to the success of smartphones and tablet PCs, the market for mobile apps has gradually gained in importance. Today, the bulk of the application software is distributed generally over the two major app stores in the mobile operating systems. Apple fans will find it at iTunes for Windows, while Android users in the Google Play Store currently can choose from a pool of 700,000 apps and games. The necessary Google Play Store app is pre-installed on most Android devices. For all others, even for the impatient who want to see updates immediately on Google’s App Store, there is the Play Store app as APK file for free download.

Development from Android Market to Play Store

Already in 2008, Google’s App Store was founded, then still under the name Market. Insisted the offer in the first time nor exclusively from free apps, including paid applications were gradually integrated. The payment for the paid apps have also been extensive over time. So users can now by credit card, in some countries but also by PayPal – pay the telephone bill paid apps – depending on the ISP. The offer on Google’s App Store has been steadily expanded. Formerly independent platforms such as Google Music, Google Movies and Google Books have been integrated and the Android Market in 2012 eventually renamed Google Play Store.

Google Play Store appUsing the Google Play Store app the whole world of Android apps can be reached. (Image: Google / Screenshot)

Install Google Play Store app later

On most Android smartphones, the Google Play Store app pre-installed. If the application is not installed, you can get the Google Play Store app in APK format also download and set up Google’s App Store on the device manually. APK is the abbreviation for “Android Application Package” and refers to a specific file format for distribution and installation of apps mainly on devices with Google’s Android operating system. Also updates in Google’s App Store are displayed faster by APK installation.

Google Play Store app APK(Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

Setting up the Play Store APK via USB or e-mail

The Google Play Store app is set up with little effort on your smartphone. Interested must first download the APK file for this. Note also, that on the phone, select “unknown source” is enabled. The corresponding hook can from Android 4.0 in “Settings – Security” to be set. Subsequently, the APK can be transmitted, for example via email or USB cable to your smartphone. You can download it directly from the Smartphone is possible.

Google Play Store app settingsImage: Editorial / Screenshot)