Pinball Star

Pinball Star

Of the Pinball Star Download Star stands for classic pinball fun on Windows 8 and Windows 10. The free Pinball Win app is ideal for entertaining pinball in front of the monitor.

Pinball Star Download with ramps, magnetic traps and targets

The table layout of Pinball Star offers all the traditional obstacles that also a real pinball in the way. These include ramps, magnetic traps, targets, bumpers and bumpers. The pinball racket and tilt movements is carried out via keystrokes. The longer you keep the pinball in play and the more shots you create art, the higher the score increases. Who collects points diligently receives additional pinballs that can throw as multi ball at any time in the game the player. A leaderboard and variable control key assignment complete the freeware.

Pinball Star DownloadPinball Star Download with multiball pinball table

The key assignment should be adjusted by the player

Pinball Star sets the pinball play less spectacular graphics than on brisk gameplay. Especially the fast-paced action with multi ball inlays produce entertaining gameplay. Tip: The key assignment should be adjusted in any case by the player, because by default the thugs keys are unfavorable pre-configured for US keyboards.

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