With the PENNY app The discounter providing its customers with exclusive discounts and coupon codes. The PENNY Vouchers can thereby redeem by the customers themselves quickly and easily directly at checkout.

Mobile couponing with the PENNY app

PENNY describe their new exclusive service by app as "Mobile couponing", The so-called "Saving coupons" is it is available only via app offers and coupon codes. Registration for the PENNY vouchers is not necessary because the vouchers are not personalized. The vouchers are in the app tab "Saving coupons" listed. These are, for example, instant discounts on certain items, or about five euro discount on purchases of 50 euros or discounts that are tied to specific products. For example, so the chocolate is 25% cheaper or PENNY customer receives a euro discount on frozen pizza.

PENNY appPENNY app with exclusive discounts and promotions

Simples redeem vouchers PENNY

Redeeming the coupons PENNY is simple: The discounted goods can be found in its usual place in the PENNY market. Simply place to the other products in the cart, the app button "enable savings coupon" tap and the QR code can be scanned at checkout. The customer puts the goods at the cash register tape and keeps his phone with currently activated saving code under the scanner. Of course, several coupons can redeem at once. The discount applicable is automatically deducted.

PENNY opening times and navigation to the target market

The PENNY app not only makes for coupons and discounts support, but also in the market search. The shopping app, available for Android devices and iOS, shows the nearest PENNY market with the current opening times and a navigation to the target market. Optionally, the user receives a handy map or sorted by distance list. The weekly PENNY offers are also available through the app. Information about individual items can be forwarded or e-mail to family and friends on Facebook, Twitter & Share Co..

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Clever Shopping list to check off

Of course, in the Shopping App also a shopping list should not be missed: With a tap on the desired product of the items in the list own lands. When shopping, the customer can then select the products in the list with a check mark to keep a better overview especially for large purchases. The smart shopping lists conveniently managed and delivered by e-mail to be left around the shopping Famlienangehörigen other.