Headache Diary

Headache Diary

With the Headache Diary Download can capture the circumstances that are a possible cause for the pain haunting question. This may be certain situations, food or personal triggers. The records facilitate both diagnosis and as the targeted avoiding the triggers for headache or migraine.

The template comes from the German Migraine and Headache Society (DMKG e. V.) and is free to download.

A headache diary download sheds light on possible causes

The medicine currently knows about 250 different types of headaches. They are among the most common health problems and pollute the everyday life not only, but can restrict significantly him. So about four to five percent suffer from these symptoms, even daily. Especially women and people in big cities are plagued by this condition. Who sues over a longer period of headache or migraine, should the causes get to the bottom. A headache diary or migraine diary can provide information about what the causes of the complaints could be.

Headache Diary Download

Handling of the diary

After the free Headache Diary Download the template can be printed easily. On this a few weeks are held for all relevant key data. In addition to the type, duration and severity of pain include the personal being and consumed foods or beverages. Be taken for the pain medication, additionally determines which drugs were the doses delivered and whether this came an improvement. The collection and subsequent analysis of the data helps not only help to identify triggers, but also facilitates doctors to diagnose and subsequent therapy. In addition, the causes can be avoided targeted by stakeholders and pain thus be prevented by the diary. The effort perform such a calendar is compared with the results of negligible – especially since there are no side action lungs. Therefore, it belongs now almost standard – at least for chronic pain – keep a pain diary.

Progress and effectiveness

The collected data can be not only avoid pain or targeted therapy, but also monitor the progress made. Join the pain less frequently? to get low-dose or even completely manage without medication? Who suffers from headaches or migraine, can only win by the free Headache Diary download and with some discipline in completing the diary actually. In the worst case, the time spent in vain, in most cases, pain can however be better prevented or effectively treated – and the improvements are clearly understood from the diary.