WhatsApp voice messages: information, how-to tips &

WhatsApp voice messages: information, how-to tips &

Ifs takes even longer to type or you can not continuously stare at the phone screen: WhatsApp voice messages are excellent for traveling. More information and instructions for receiving and sending messages can be found here!

As SMS replacement, the Messenger service WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iPhone in Germany and many other countries of the world has long enforced. Not only text messages you can send them, even photos, short video clips and audio files. is also integrated a dedicated voice recorder for WhatsApp voice messages. These messages form is ideal for traveling when typing messages using the keyboard is not or only partially possible. How it works exactly, we explain here:

WhatsApp record voice messages and send – Here’s how!

record a voice message with the popular Messenger service and mail is easy. One only need to hold the phone – and hold down a key.

  1. To the right below the highlighted in green microphone icon next to the camera icon and the text entry field.

  2. To record a voice message, holding down for so long on the microphone icon until you eingesprochen finished composing the message.

  3. To send the message then, allowed the recording or microphone icon simply go again. And that’s it! contact now gets the message directly sent.

WhatsApp voice messagesThe icon for recording voice messages WhatsApp. (Image: Screenshot WhatsApp)

Tip: That the message is sent directly, sometimes maybe a little unhappy. After all, it happens that once has an idea, wants to hold them fast, but send later. record a voice message and send WhatsApp at a later date but is not easily possible. However, one can take in case a voice message with the smartphone software and then save to SD card or the internal hard disk of the smartphone. Then you can send the message via WhatsApp as a media file. The corresponding symbol, the staple, located at the top right.

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WhatsApp save voice messages and find on Android:

Sent and received voice messages WhatsApp stores automatically in the appropriate folder on your Android Phone. If you want to access the audio messages again, forward, or otherwise store, you went so far as follows:

  1. First open the folder containing the voice messages. It is located under Own files > Device memory (possibly SD card) > Whatsapp > Media > WhatsApp Voice Notes. Here all WhatsApp voice messages are stored by default.

  2. In WhatsApp VoiceNotes arrived folders, you can copy the entire folder and then save them to a different location.

Important NOTE: Never move the original folder or delete, but only individual files. Otherwise, it may happen that WhatsApp no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger works.

WhatsApp WhatsApp voice messages Voice NotesHere you can find the WhatsApp Voice Notes. (Image: Screenshot Editor)

What most users probably notice here is that WhatsApp has eventually started to no longer store the voice messages in .aac, but in .opus format. This format based on VideoLAN, will not play with the normal media player easily. So if you want to again enjoy, the files must first convert – that goes for example with an online converter directly via the smartphone – or with the VLC Media Player for Android Play.

store voice messages on your iPhone or iPad:

Unlike Android, the WhatsApp voice messages must be exported individually from chat on the iPhone.

  1. First, keeping the message that is to be stored down until you can select which method you want to export the file.

  2. A relatively simple method is to export using the Mail app. the messages can be saved in the desired location on the computer.

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