Of the download brings a new twist on the cult game on the computer. The online game, unlike the mental model of a aufgehübschte graphics. downloadThe Download is a free browser game so addictive. (Image: Screenshot Thorntree Studios) Download: Snake meets

Perhaps one or the other still reminds Snake, a classic of the computer games, which celebrated a glorious revival in the ’90s as one of the first mobile games to Nokia models of the 90s. Meanwhile, there are countless variations of the game, whose goal is to control a snake on a playing field while picking up food. With every bite, the animal is a bit bigger and it increasingly difficult to move the growing snake neither to himself nor the pitch limit.

The Download revives the game concept in a modified version. As it multiplayer, players have to do not only with a reptile, but with a whole herd. The control is done via mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard. Similar to have to grow by collecting smaller food points, while careful to larger peers. it does not differ from time, the game is over. From a certain size can be increased by clicking the mouse or the upward-pointing mouse speed. For this, however, the reptile shrinks increasingly.

The right tactics to stay as long as possible in the game

Those who have already gambled knows that you stay with the right tactics in the game. It is similar with Should we as a small worm mainly fast as many and absorb as large luminous dots, one can with increasing size smaller players wrap, so to speak, and so fabricate a new food source. Because reptiles that not make it in time to dodge enemies, turn the “death” in large sparkling growth booster. Unlike you can not automatically absorb smaller, but merely lured into the trap as a large snake. Who is no longer able to cope with its size, can give up some of its length again and become more agile and more flexible by the acceleration function. Download TacticsWith the right tactics for the giant snake. (Image: Screenshot Thorntree Studios)

Note: The Download leads to the site of the games. Players must enter on the home page only a name – a registration or download is not necessary. So there are just a few clicks, and you start the caterpillars feeding.