1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market

The 1Mobile Market APK provides an excellent alternative to Google Play Store. Over 1.6 million free apps are available by its own account as an APK for download. In addition to the classics, numerous tools that does not list the Google Store can be found.

1Mobile Market APK: 100 percent of free apps and high-speed downloading

The Google Play store almost as many that have to be paid will find numerous free apps, however. for 1Mobile Market Who wants to equip his smartphone completely free, can access download. There all the apps for free. Claims to the store offers a fast and secure downloading. However, it must be pointed out at this juncture that the Play Store but has significantly more stringent safety requirements and 1Mobile Market should be treated with caution. This can be found here and Apps & Tools that Google has banned from the portfolio. Thus, besides YouTube downloading some sleazy streaming portals on offer, are strongly discouraged from using at this point. To be on the safe side, protects itself with an antivirus program to potential hazards.

User-friendly interface and many functions

The appearance of the 1Mobile Market APK is strongly reminiscent of the great Google model. The apps can be filtered according to various categories, popularity or new publications. In addition, there are numerous wallpapers for free download or tutorials on various apps. Even for an administration of the downloaded tools and games that 1Mobile Market APK provides. In practical overview of the App Manager, the programs can update, uninstall, or move to the SD card. Another advantage of the alternative Stores: While downloading simply a pause can be inserted and it can be continued at a later date without any problems again.

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1Mobile Market APKThe download of 1Mobile Market APK strongly reminiscent of the Play Store.

1Mobile Market Download & installation

The alternative Store is available as APK file for download. To install the software on your smartphone or tablet, you have the option in the system settings in advance: Other sources or unknown sources are allowed. Depending on the used version of Android this point found among the applications, or safety. After the app is easy to download and – to be installed – as usual from the Play Store.

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