Skype Web: So you can chat without installing

Skype Web: So you can chat without installing

Skype Web is a browser application of VoIP giants. With the online version users can contact without Skype download and installation with friends. We show how to do it.

Skype Web: Directly in the browser chat

Who wants to log on shared computer or mobile device in Skype, can prevent the installation of the extensive program. On the Web version of Skype users can easily get in touch via the browser and without administrator rights to other users.

The web app is still in beta version and is found in over 40 languages, including German. The Skype Web version is not as easy to find for inexperienced users.

First, users need to go to the manufacturer’s website and sign up there with her user name or the stored e-mail address and the Skype password.

Here can be found under the heading My account Skype option in Web testing (beta) on a new browser window opens with the chat.

Skype Web

Alternatively, users can also follow this link and open so that the same web application.

Skype web chat with a modified user interface

The Web client displays both the profile picture used, and all guided conversations. Unlike the desktop application and the waiver of the immediate display of contacts. For this, all conversations are listed in chronological order.

If you want to start a new conversation, this is done via the New button. Only here all available contacts are listed. Also, adding new persons from the Skype directory is possible.

Skype Web Chat

Browser plugin (video) calls

Immediately after logging in the browser, the chat window opens. For audio and video calls in the beta of Skype Web a plugin is needed. This can be installed at the first start.

User have skipped this step, the installation of the next (video) will be rescheduled call. The web client then opens a new dialog window through which downloaded the appropriate extension and can be installed. Without this installation the web app merely acts as an instant messenger in the browser.

Skype Web Plugin

Limited functionality for Skype in the browser

Skype Web includes the features chat, phone calls and video telephony. With these features, the Web version is a good alternative for program installation with external computers. This is especially useful if users do not have the necessary administrative rights are required for a facility of the desktop version.

Other popular features that the VoIP provider has become the top dog, are not to be found in the beta version of the app. Thus, the calls from phone numbers, sharing screens or the sending of files and images is still possible only in the full version.