Windows 10 Remove icon and get rid upgrade Advertising

who that Windows 10 Remove Icon and the Windows 10 Upgrade Offer icon wants to get rid notification again, uses the best a small freeware utility. We show you how it works!

Remove Windows 10 Icon Made Easy

Many users of Windows 7 and 8 are bothered by the annoying and intrusive update notification for the Windows 10 download on the taskbar. The prompt for the Windows 10 upgrade can not be so easily removed with the Windows tool permanently mouse click unfortunately. There is the ability to search through the Control Panel and notification area icons for the entry GWX to choose where to hide the icon and notifications option from the drop-down menu to turn off the notifications. At least temporarily no notifications are then to be seen. However, they reappear on the next boot, so this method will help if necessary at short notice.

Windows 10 Remove Icon

completely remove Windows update KB3035583

Another option for Windows 10 Remove icon is to uninstall the associated Windows update KB3035583. The path leads back into the Control Panel to Windows Update and the Installed Updates. From the list of updates already completed, the user selects the update with the number KB3035583 and clears it by right-clicking and uninstalling. If the Windows Update icon should appear 10 again, it disappears with a click Hide.

Permanent elimination of the Windows 10 upgrade symbol with the GWX Control Panel

All of this sounds admittedly somewhat cumbersome. Therefore, we recommend the option number 3, the removal of the Upgrade Offer icon with the little freeware utility GWX Control Panel download, also called GWX stopper. This ensures fast, uncomplicated and on request permanent removal of the Windows 10 upgrade icon in the taskbar. The Windows 10 icon can always reappear when the user should change his mind and he still wants access to the Windows 10 Icon and corresponding notification to a later date.

Windows 10 Remove Icon GWX Control Panel

No upgrade requests from Microsoft more!

The operation of the GWX stopper is fairly straightforward: Just the two questions "Is Get Windows 10 App running?" and "Is Get Windows 10 App enabled?" answered with Yes and the Close button Get Windows 10 App (temporarily remove icon) Click to banish the Windows 10 icon until the next system startup from the system tray. For a permanent Windows 10 Remove icon and the associated upgrade prompts the user clicks on the other hand to Disable Get Windows 10 App (permanently remoce icon) and will henceforth no longer bothered by Microsoft's persistent upgrade prompts. With Enable Get Windows 10 App the whole 8 or 8.1 can be reversed, and the Windows 10 icon reappears in the taskbar of Windows 7 again.