CoolPreviews expanded both Firefox and Internet Explorer to send a preview function. The free plugin displays directly on hover over links an image of the relevant website in the browser.

The CoolPreviews download offers a nice preview function

In this way, the inclined web surfers also experiences without clicking, for example, whether a Google search led to the desired result. Here, CoolPreviews not just limited to web pages, but also displays previews of individual images or videos that promoted the appropriate search orders to day. CoolPreviews works in the version of Firefox with the browser version. 9 The plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is also found in the download area is, however, currently not developed by the manufacturer.

CoolPreviews Download

The free extension for Firefox users presents a preview of linked web pages, images and videos as soon as you drive by mouse pointer over the link. CoolPreviews also offers a direct way to browse for additional information on Google and Wikipedia