WhatsApp use without a mobile phone - it's that easy!

WhatsApp use without a mobile phone – it’s that easy!

Who WhatsApp without a mobile phone would like to use and with the popular Messenger chat directly from your PC, using the WhatsApp for PC download or with BlueStacks even WhatsApp without a SIM card. Instead of laboriously typing on the small phone buttons, the WhatsAppler works in the PC version comfortable with his classic keyboard. Try now!

WhatsApp without phone with WhatsApp Web

After WhatsApp for PC download is first seen with a QR code, which the user scans the smartphone a window. For this, the user opens WhatsApp on his smartphone, go to the settings and there uses WhatsApp Web option. Once the QR code has been read correctly, you can use WhatsApp without a mobile phone directly to the PC. However, further also the smartphone must have an Internet connection, as WhatsApp for PC transfers the chats on the desktop. Thus, the actual WhatsApp chat will take place on the smartphone and is only mirrored on the PC. The smartphone itself must be located at the same time on the same wireless.

WhatsApp without a mobile phoneWhatsApp without mobile phones: With WhatsApp Web Messenger can be used on the PC.

WhatsApp on PC with many comfort features

To use WhatsApp without your phone to the PC, so the Messenger must be installed only once on the phone with an active account. The operation of the PC version of WhatsApp is proving to be quite comfortable. As on the smartphone, the number of unread messages is displayed next to the icon in the taskbar. Who wants to take a look at the news, use the small pop-up window that displays the message briefly. Practically the shortcuts that allow the user to send WhatsApp his messages quickly and easily are. All the important features that you know from the Android or iOS version of the popular Messengers, are also available in the desktop version.

For example, the user can adapt and change their individual settings as the profile picture or the status entirely as desired. It also determines whether or not to serve as notification for incoming messages sounds, desktop notes and display a preview. The display and font size can also be freely selected. Practical is the ability to send voice messages. Also, you can as usual send photos and exchange messages in groups.

use card with BlueStacks WhatsApp without SIM

WhatsApp without a mobile phone can be accessed directly through the browser via WhatsApp Web. For those that dispense entirely with the smartphone and want to try WhatsApp card without SIM, use the free BlueStacks App Player Download. It is an Android emulator that can run under Windows with Android apps. In the quest of users WhatsApp is one and downloads the Messenger. To register an unused for WhatsApp mobile or landline number is required, which is sent via SMS.

WhatsApp without a mobile phone BlueStacksWith the Android emulator BlueStacks Android apps can run on Windows.

The trick to landline numbers: instead of receiving the SMS, the user requests a call and a computer voice reads the code. With the 6-digit code that is required for the activation of the messenger, you can use WhatsApp without a mobile phone number on the PC. If the verification does not work via telephone call, the user simply clever concerned an additional SIM card and places it temporarily into your smartphone to get a activation code.