mobilcom-debitel contract extension: save Clever?

mobilcom-debitel contract extension: save Clever?

Before the own mobile phone contract expires, one should ask whether a mobilcom-debitel contract extension makes sense or whether prefer you change the provider. Now make smart & save up!

Users who have a contract with the mobile service provider mobilcom-debitel, can manage this quite comfortably using the free download of mobilcom-debitel app. The app not only displays all the details of the contract or gives an account overview – the user can also make adjustments in it. Sun can be booked via the app additional options and make a renewal of the contract.

mobilcom-debitel contract extensionIs it worth a mobilcom-debitel contract extension?

mobilcom-debitel contract extension: How & When?

First, a few basic facts about the renewal of the contract. Those who have completed a 24-month mobile phone contract with mobilcom-debitel, should make time wondering whether he wants to extend or change. The notice period is 3 months. Anyone who has not previously terminated, is automatically extended by 12 months.

Those who opt for an extension may take this extension active in attack from 16 months. The users can easily make on his account My mobilcom-debitel – it works on both the app and online. Moreover, the user can go into a shop and discuss with the employee the conditions for an extension. Or you can call the hotline: 040-55 55 41 00 0. The cost from a landline but 0.14 euros per minute.

TIP: According to the supplier, users conducting renew online, in addition loyalty credit.

Advantages of contract extension

Two advantages that speak for mobilcom-debitel contract extension are, obvious. However, to benefit from these advantages with any other wireless service provider:

  • (1) The user saves the charge for the Starter Package
  • (2) One can retain the same number

And otherwise? In addition, promises of mobile operators, that a new smartphone (obtained discounted) can pick out or other premium. The premium or the phone is a home delivered. If you go to a shop, they can also take the same. Who neither the one nor the other wants, can also opt for a bill credit. The change to a cheaper Special tariff should also be possible.

mobilcom-debitel contract extension phonesCell premiums for an extension

Each customer can see tangible benefits for mobilcom-debitel contract extension in his account.

Experiences Renewals mobilcom debitel

So tasty premiums at first also may sound – in reality it does not always go so smoothly. In many forums there are customers who complain about the mobilcom-debitel contract extension. Apparently, the premiums are not as lucrative as the new customers. Many users have started to terminate either and conclude a new contract following or completely change. One should make timely idea in any case before the automatic renewal takes!