XYplorer a professional file manager similar to Windows Explorer. However, the shareware offers tabbed browsing, and enhanced search, report and preview features for power users.

XYplorer Download with browser-like history function

Images (PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc.), audio, video and other files (ASCII / Binary) can be displayed with preview functions. The tag information of MP3 files can be displayed and edited. A browser-like history function recently facilitates quick retrieval of data used. Another preview function displays all installed and uninstalled fonts.

XYplorer download

The File Manager also has a full support of drag & drop and scroll wheel on board. XYplorer offers extensive functions for professional file management! Last but not least: The shareware is also available as a portable version in the download area. This does not require any installation, stores all data in the directory of the program and does not change the system or registry.

Limitations of XYplorer

30 day trial.