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Of the Puzzle generator download creates crossword puzzles and Sudoku on your PC. With the shareware In total 17 different types of puzzles can be generated and printed on paper.

Puzzle generator download for Sweden puzzles and number puzzles

Supported by puzzle generator games Schwedenrätsel and Füllrätsel count as well as the particularly difficult current French and American enigma. When number puzzle all existing letters have been replaced by numbers. Here it is important to figure out which number to which letter stands. In the legend, the puzzle grid all terms are displayed with their length. The crossword puzzles between many letters terms randomly generated, which must find the players hide. The terms can be horizontally and vertically, and hide forwards or backwards in the puzzle.

The popular Sudoku riddles are also on the program. A built-in Wizard helps you create the puzzle. With riddle generator to get in a few steps to personal riddles. Thanks to built-in tool, including dictionary and word puzzle are created quickly.

Puzzle generator download

Limitations of Enigma generator

The trial version is available 30 days.