The name of the free PDF to Excel conversion download says it all. The tool is at hand users that want to put documents into Excel spreadsheets. Only three clicks are needed for this. In addition, countless documents can be converted into a washing up.

PDF to Excel conversion Download: 3, 2, 1 Excel

The developers of the PDF program put on simplicity - in all respects. Thus, the tool focuses on its core task of converting PDF files to Excel spreadsheets. It dispensed with frills and facilitates the user make sure that operation. Converting is already done with three clicks, so users can edit original PDFs to Excel and then expand.

PDF to Excel conversion download

Contemplative functions in PDF Tool

In addition to the ease of use of the PDF converter also promises speed. Compared with other PDF downloads of this kind, he works 160 percent faster. Fortunately, a large number of documents can be converted in one go, because the tool supports batch processing. If necessary, single page to Excel can be converted.