Delete Account Kik: It's that easy! 2023

Delete Account Kik: It’s that easy!

be who Delete Kik Account want, the following is a step-by-step instructions given on the Elimination of Kik own accounts. We reveal is how the Messenger after the Kik Messenger download and test quickly and easily go again. learn more here!

Delete Kik account: How to do it!

With Kik is a free messenger app with now more than 200 million users. The WhatsApp alternative has especially the younger generation as a target group in their sights. The big advantage: Unlike WhatsApp only one user is required for the contact. A telephone number must not be specified, which simplifies contacting. On the other hand, this also has its drawbacks because a contact to people without their express consent is possible. Privacy advocates warn in this context from pedophiles who can contact teens.

Delete Kik AccountDelete One reason for Kik Account: Contact is without explicit consent.

The Kik Delete account only works online via a web browser

Who shares this concern or after a test run of the messenger is not quite enthusiastic and thus the app but do not want to use will be removed Kik account. Unfortunately, however, the Kik Delete account directly through the app is not possible. The Messenger can only reset, but there is no opt-mail to the user. New Kik accounts can indeed easily through the app on the smartphone to create, but delete the Kik account can only be online via a web browser.

  Kik trouver des contacts et commencer à flirter. Il est facile!

Delete Kik account: step by step!

To eliminate the separate account at Kik Messenger permanently, the user first opens the link to the support page and enters their email address, which he has registered with Kik and click on Go! Now he would have to get a link an e-mail, which makes it possible to remove the account. Under "Want to deactivate your account?" the user clicks on the link and can optionally also specify a basic thing that bothered him on Kik Messenger and why he avoided in the future to the use of the Messengers. With another click on Go the Kik’s done Delete account and own account is received into everlasting digital hunting grounds.

Delete Kik Account LinkHere’s how: Go to a link to the Support page, enter your e-mail address and click Go! click!

The Kik app can now be uninstalled

Delete after Kik account the user no longer needs the Kik app and can uninstall it from your smartphone. Who deletes only the app itself, but the own Kik account, however, can not install on a new smartphone and log in again with the old Kik login with their own e-mail address at any time Kik.