Lidl Connect App

Lidl Connect App

Lidl gives its customers using the Lidl Connect App an overview and control instance at hand. In the application, users of Lidl Connect can control their consumption, top up their credit and manage their tariff or switch.

With the Lidl Connect app always everything under control

In the fall of 2015, there has been a change at Lidl, which primarily related to mobile offers the discount. The mobile then called Lidl known service was renamed and incorporated in Fonic. Price and performance remained the same, but were continued under Fonic. The way for its own mobile phone brand was free it. The discounter has therefore later launched shortly Lidl Connect. The mobile offering works on the same principle – without a contract. So users always have their tariffs and balances in view, they can download the free Android Connect Lidl draw application on their phone.

Lidl Connect AppThe Lidl Connect app for all customers of the mobile offer

The app runs on devices running Android version 4.0. Once downloaded, users must log in using their Connect password to use the service.

Lidl Connect Android absolute cost control

The app is very simple, so that the user will find fast and has the required information or options at hand. In the upper area there is a menu bar with four tabs. Under the menu status, all data are given for consumption. There you’ll see the credit, used text messages and data volume and call minutes. In the tab rates also can view the details of their own tariff.

Manage tariff & increase credit

Who remembers the time that the tariff does not fit into one, can adapt the realities on the Lidl Connect app. If you have, for example, used up the data volume after a few days, they increased it on easy. For those that already does not reach the limits of the volume, simply can switch to a better deal. Personal data and payment can also be easily adapted to use.

Lidl Connect app tariffCustomize the app fares from Lidl Connect, increase credit or contact Customer Service

In addition to the collective management is for most users probably the following function is most important: the top-up. If you have talked too much with friends and send messages, you can pick a few clicks supplies. In addition, there is the possibility of setting up an automatic charge on the comfort charging.

If one has to its tariff issues, there are problems or to get somewhere not even the support can be contacted through the Lidl App.