Windows 10: Black Screen! What to do?

The PC starts normally - and then the shock: Nothing happens more. if in Windows 10 black screen everything is what you see, but there are currently several errors that could cause this problem. There is but fortunately then several solutions.

Windows 10: Black Screen far and wide

Once the error occurred during the initial installation of Microsoft's current operating system. But now users report again and again by this problem - especially if they have just installed an update. Even so, the screen goes black every now and then. Although Microsoft is even assistance, but does not bring a lot of users on. We've gathered together a few methods to allow the Windows 10 worth downloading again.

Windows 10 black screenThe screen remains black on Windows 10? There are several tricks to retrieve the desktop. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

There are different ways to activate the screen again. Most Windows simply does not recognize the screen. This can happen when two monitors are connected - but even with a screen, but more than one graphics chip.

Two screens: The solution

Who uses two screens and stands before the black screen problem, should shut down the computer and restart, but remove the second screen before rebooting. The computer boots up fine now and the desktop appears, the second screen can be reconnected.

Only one screen: Several graphics chips installed?

If only one screen is used, the error due to a problem with the video driver may be. Users should be in this case that the latest graphic drivers and the latest Windows update installed. The problem with it: The screen's black. So how to navigate?

  1. Is the black screen visible - most of the cursor is displayed, the spacebar or Ctrl must be pressed. The login screen appears - but invisible.
  2. Just blindly enter the Windows password and press Enter.

For example, the desktop should appear so that the latest video drivers installed and the system can be brought in total to date.

Windows 10 black screen notebookFor notebooks, it can help unfold these just once switched on and again. (Picture: pixabay)

's no good: the black screen comes up again and again

  • Those who use a notebook or netbook can try, just once and unfold this too direct again. That helps at least for a while.
  • Does that everything is nothing, one can try to repeatedly press the key combination Windows + P and these to press Enter to switch between screen modes of Windows 10th
  • The Alt + F4 could help.
  • External devices can also affect that the screen remains black. External hard drives just once disconnected from the PC and see if the screen then starts at rebooting. Also, mice or keyboards may be responsible for this.

If Windows 10 black screen to be seen, but are displayed on the rotating points of the PC is probably busy with updates or other tasks. It is usually sufficient simply to wait a bit. If after a long time nothing happens simply restart Windows. Although this leads to nothing, Windows must be restored 10th One can then try a system reset to factory settings and still.