Those who wanted to edit PDF files could previously choose it above a watermark on the created file or make a lot of money for an editor wanted. So far. Because with the FlexiPDF Basic Download belong to these times of the past!

Many free features with the FlexiPDF Basic Download

The functions of the free PDF editor is limited to the most essential needs. For example, pages from a PDF into another can be inserted, users can rearrange the order of the pages or delete individual pages altogether. In addition, pages can rotate, or adjust its size. Also extracting individual pages is not a problem for the freeware.

FlexiPDF Basic DownloadAfter FlexiPDF Basic download these users the most important features for free. (Fig. SoftMaker Software GmbH)

Via printers create new PDF

In addition to the editing features users have after FlexiPDF Basic download access to a printer driver that can be created with the new PDF in no time. This works not only from Microsoft Word, but out of all Windows programs such as PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

For this purpose, only the "Print" option, and here the FlexiPDF printer driver must be selected in the respective program. Following simply rename the file and already is SIEI as PDF in the selected location.

Also on board: A Viewer commenting

The reader allows with thumbnails and bookmarks quickly jumping between pages. For those that presentations or texts in PDF format to proofread, will appreciate the built-in comments. So you can quickly select error or it can be made in speech notes.

Texts can be edited only in the Pro version

A disadvantage is the otherwise near-perfect program then read it: The text and graphics itself can not be edited in the free version. For this, the Pro version is required FlexiPDF 2017 for Windows, are due for 59.99 € in the standard version and € 79.95 for the professional version. However, the shareware can be pre-tested extensively as a free trial through their paces.

Download Instructions: Code to activate the software after FlexiPDF Basic Download the entry of a code is necessary. This can be applied for on the manufacturer's website to register as a user (by specifying the name, country and e-mail address) for free and without obligation.