FILEminimizer Pictures

FILEminimizer Pictures

FILEminimizer Pictures reduces the file size of digital photos for free. Thanks to intelligent image compression freeware reduces space consumption of images in JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP and EMF according to the manufacturer by up to 98 percent without visible loss of quality.

FILEminimizer Pictures Download Pictures verkeinern no real quality loss

FILEminimizer Pictures does not steam efficiently stored digital images one at a fraction of the original size. A JPEG photo with a size of 5 megabytes, for example, can also be reduced with the free converter to a size of only 0:08 megabytes. The powerful compression is achieved without causing any visible loss of image quality is caused. In addition, the format of the image file obtained during the compression of an image so that it is not necessary to decompress the picture later view the file again.

FILEminimizer Pictures offers four settings profiles with which one determines the amount of compression automatically or manually. To achieve even more space profit from the software at the request EXIF ​​metadata, reducing the image resolution of the photos. FILEminimizer Pictures users shrink the size of images and photos to a fraction of the output with few steps and without any visible loss of quality.

FILEminimizer Pictures Download

The optimized and much smaller image files are easier and much faster Send e-mail to family and friends, or upload them to portals like FlickR, MySpace, HI5 or Facebook. More features such as compression for office documents and much more offers the big brother FILEminimizer Suite. Also this shareware can be found for download in our software catalog.

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