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The free Dr.Web CureIt! equips PCs with a quick and easy virus cleanup. Without installation and complex configuration, the doctor has only one goal after starting: find and remove viruses, if there are doubts about the viability of its virus scanner.

PC by pests scan with Dr. Web CureIt Download

Significantly fewer settings than conventional antivirus programs suggest at first glance an inferior software. However, this impression preclude an installation period of exactly zero, a very simple application, and updates every two hours. Dr.Web CureIt! dispensed grandiose function menu and configuration offers. After starting the user has exactly two offerings are available: start The start of a complete test or to select specific areas of the computer to scan. Here, the user is adjacent example, the study on memory, boot sectors of disks or the Windows folder. The first fast scan the files on your local hard disk or the selected system areas are flown and checked for serious infections, and a so-called enhanced protection mode and then the scan is initiated when malware cause the operating system. However, in this mode, neither the start nor the use of other software are possible.

Dr.Web CureIt Download

Then, a Fund reported, it is advisable to perform a complete and in accordance with time-consuming scanning, the Doc uses multiple data streams as well as the capacity of polynuclear processors. Previously provides Dr.Web CureIt! However, the disinfection of vervirter files. Alternatively, the files can be renamed by the user or moved to a secure quarantine, to have them in case of need later to hand. We are looking for among others by adware, dialers, joke programs called riskware, hacking tools, viruses and Trojans as well as a special subsystem after the insidious rootkits. Even the BIOS is checked for digital obscurantists. For each type here own disinfectant action can be specified. Also ZIP archives, mails and other containers such as CAB files, etc. can be reliably searched and suspicious appearing folder on the hard disk can be checked quickly and effectively users by the doctor. It pays to check through your own computer with the first-aid tool CureIt Dr.Web occasionally thoroughly. Functionally adapted and not cluttered, dominates total of 37 languages, including German, of course, and simple to use. Combined with the argument gives the free Dr.Web CureIt! The Verdict: Thumbs up!

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