Poolians Real Snooker 3D

Poolians Real Snooker 3D

Poolians Real Snooker 3D brings the gentleman’s sport from England to the PC. In the technical challenges billiards variant applies to red and other colored game balls according to predefined rules in the narrow pockets of the snooker table to sink.

Poolians Real Snooker 3D Download as special billiard challenge

Snooker is a Billard variant, to be placed on the 15 red and six different colored balls with the cue ball into the pockets of the table. The name "snooker" derived from game situations where you can not allude directly a ball and must therefore choose a more difficult solution on the rebound or a bow ball. The snooker sport places special demands on the tactical skills of the players due to the high technical difficulty. Especially the larger area of ​​the gaming table, the smaller diameter of the spheres and the relatively tight pockets provide additional playful challenges. Snooker is particularly popular in the UK and Ireland. In Germany, snooker is about 4,000 club players still a minority sport, but in this country the game is gaining in popularity.

Poolians Real Snooker 3D Download

Interesting billiards variant with complicated rules

The player stands after Poolians Real Snooker 3D Download faced with the task turns to pocket a red ball and one of six different colored snowballs into the pockets. Each ball carries a certain value added in the sinking of the player’s score. The colored balls will be placed back on their Aufsetzmarke at the table after putting. If all the red balls are sunk, the color in a certain order to it. They are in order of significance, from yellow to black, played off the table and now no longer taken out of the pockets.

Poolians Real Snooker 3D Download Billard

Poolians Snooker pub-mode against up to six competitors

Who wants to try to snooker sport does not have to go to the club or a game room, but can dare his first attempts virtually on the computer. The Poolians Real Snooker 3D Download works as Client software for an online gaming platform of the manufacturer Poolians and requires before the game a free player registration, to utilize the opportunities and game variations. Once registered, you can contact the digital queue at the snooker table. If you only want to take a look at times the game can also log in as a guest without registering. Besides Snooker and Mini Snooker Friends also come with different versions of billiards at their expense. On Training and tournament mode and a Pub mode are available.

The player is the basic skills in practice mode at

In the PC version of the snooker Sports the player takes his cue against up to six competitors on the drawing board at. Since this is in snooker to a rather complex variety of the Billiard Sports, understanding the rules and some is called for to exercise and training first. Therefore Snooker at Poolians Real 3D should not take the same pub-mode against other players you but Once sufficient training, to acquire the basic skills. In this way, the snooker player learns soon the required precision in the Back of the Net of the balls into the pockets of the table.

Poolians Real Snooker 3D Download Training

Successful implementation of the Precision Sports Snooker can use the free billiards game Poolians Real Snooker 3D Queue provide artists at the computer almost like the real snooker table their technical and tactical skills to the test. The variable 3D graphics, the flawless audio backdrop and a 2D view for casual gamers to transport loads of fun at the green table. Conclusion: A successful implementation of the Snooker game for the PC, which is also suitable for fans of pool billiards.