Of the Free Sound Recorder Download picks up any audio signals, whether music or sounds, and stores them in a variety of formats in high quality from. In this case, the freeware recorder selectively engages from the audio signal of the stereo sum or an arbitrary input signal.

Free Sound Recorder download for recording applications

Free Sound Recorder comes with a nice, simple interface scores with a simple handling, storing supports the audio formats MP3, Ogg, WMA or WAV files and renames wish to do so automatically by date of recording. The recording is started optionally via a self vergebenem hotkey. Alternatively, it starts automatically via voice activation: When an audio signal exceeding a certain volume, we go.

Free Sound Recorder Download

Set the time and duration of the recordings by time control

Even timer recordings as time tasks are on the agenda of the Free Sound Recorder. The modulation via display is well-intentioned, but is thwarted by the fidgety inaccurate display. So here is: either disqualify previously or you can Free Sound Recorder automatically adjust the recording volume.

record your own vocals via the microphone

The Free Sound Recorder Download allows recording from any audio source. This may be players for example, a web radio or the installed media. Who has a microphone connected, can save his own singing skills on the hard disk. The freeware will own voice reliably and saves them in excellent quality from the respective desired format.

set record format and quality in Free Sound Recorder

The Standard Records in the MP format in stereo with 44.100 kHz and 128-320 kbps. This setting can be changed under Output File Type any time under Options in the gemeral Settings. The Preset Quality (CD Quality MPEG 1 Layer 3, 192 kbps, stereo) music lovers determined at this point by clicking on Settings via slide Regeler of low quality / small size to High Quality / Large Size. Who "Automake filename by date and time" ticking, automatically sets the date and time in the filename. The output directory can be changed here at any time, so that the sound recordings end up in the desired folder. Under hotkey to new shortcut for the start and stop of recording can be awarded. As standard F2 applies to the beginning of the recording and F3 for their stop.

Free Sound Recorder MP3

Free Sound Recorder with simple operation

The handling of the audio recorder is simple, the operation is self-explanatory somewhat more difficult to install is already there itself. The tool offers on quite intrusive way to bring diverse advertising additional programs to the PC. The offers may be rejected all because they are not required for operation of the audio recorder. Those looking for more free audio recorder, will find in our extensive download offer. record music and sounds in high quality Easy to handle, slender, with nice additional features: The free Free Sound Recorder looks good, works smoothly and looks acceptable. Access!