USB over Ethernet 2.6.6

USB over Ethernet controls peripheral hardware either on Internet or LAN. Thanks to this operation, for example, USB printer or scanner can be operated also from networked computers. In addition, network access is possible for hardware such as external hard drives, webcams and audio equipment or even the so-called dongles, such as those used by some programs as copy protection. Directly after the start USB over Ethernet presents an overview of found connections that come into question for the sharing. The release of the user done without much effort by clicking the right mouse button and selecting the "Sharing"-Option. USB over Ethernet works on a client-server basis. This means that the server module only needs to be installed on the computer to which the USB devices are connected. For all other PCs, the client component is sufficient.

Limitations of USB over Ethernet 2.6.6

15 days trial, which is limited to two devices and pops up a registration reminder.