In Wolf Quest, the player assumes the role of a wolf in the wild. The free 3D simulation game comes from the Minnesota Zoo. It is intended to give the behavior of wolves and other wildlife to children and adolescents. The real-time 3D game Wolf Quest can play as online and offline version. Up to four players to explore in the online version as the pack the area and hunt together. A chat window provides for the mutual exchange of ideas. Wolf Quest consists of two parts Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek. Amethyst Mountain is all about a wolf in Yellowstone National Park. This goes in search of food and trying to find a suitable partner. Elk Hunting Ground the lone wolf goes hunting for hare and elk. Other wolf packs can pay a visit. Dangerous coyotes and bears, however, he should go out of the way. The second part of Slough Creek can be tackled only after completion of the first part. Slough Creek, the player will create a pack that mark his new territory and defend it from attackers. Four little puppies are born and the player must take care of them and also protect them from bears and coyotes. The 3D simulation Wolf Quest has rightly won several awards. The graphically impressive game is fun and makes way for knowledge and understanding concerning the life and behavior of wolves.