Of the Security Task Manager Download can be considered a supplement those already integrated Task Manager of Windows, which engages the user in the fight against viruses, Trojans, malware, adware and spyware under the arms.

Always know what's going on with a download of Security Task Manager

Similarly, as well as the Task Manager of Windows, this system utility displays the current processes and programs on the computer and still shows the file name, directory path, file description and a safety assessment and analyzes them. This analysis is based on records and keyboard monitoring browser, the startup and Internet connection. In high-risk findings, the corresponding processes can be under "quarantine" make before they can be permanently deleted. So the user has a big impact on what's going on on his PC.

Features of Shareware Security Task Manager

With a download of Security Task Manager is a shareware that can be used free for 30 days. During this time, however, some functions are not available. Which include:

  • Removing Internet tracks (deleting the course, cache and temporary files)
  • preventing the monitoring of mouse and keyboard
  • the warning at Startup and registry changesIt is this tool, like many other system utilities for free download also without installation used on the computer, which means that it is also portable and can be used by any storage medium.

Clear listing by the great System Utility

The Security Task Manager lists all running processes and program on a user interface among themselves. It shows the riskiest at first. So simply and clearly visible, which programs are currently running and what level of security they are taking. Each of the processes or programs can individually tested for viruses become. For this, the user simply clicks on the appropriate button "virus scan", With a right click of the mouse, the user removes the process, its properties provides a closer or also testing it for known viruses. The handling of this system utility is so easy, so that everyone gets along well with her.

Security Task Manager Download

The tool has made an important contribution to the safe and easy use of the PC Even if the program is not cheap at about 30 euros, a Download Security Task Manager is definitely worth it because it makes the use of your PC safer. Besides, it can also speed by removing unnecessary programs and processes the computer or free up space.

Limitations of Security Task Manager

30 day trial