With the official Word app be smart and laptop into a mobile office from Microsoft. The app is optimized for word processing on the go. Here, appearance and operation are based on the great model on the computer and provide users with a familiar interface. With the free app, documents can show not only convenient but also create and edit - who wants to use the full functionality, but an Office 365 subscription must complete.

Word app

Productive Anywhere with the Word app from Microsoft

The official Word app provides mainly file compatibility. In addition, documents on the smartphone or tablet are displayed exactly as they appear on the PC. By equalized the office suite menu navigation Word users are already familiar and provides a quick introduction to the mobile version. The documents can be processed as usual. The insertion of images, charts, footnotes, formulas or tables can be easily and quickly implemented. The Office applications Excel and PowerPoint is available as individual apps for download.

Word app changes

The fee-based services: Office 365 Home

If you want to use the full functionality of the app, the completion of the subscription services Office 365 Home is necessary. For 10 euros per month or 99 euros for a year full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access can be used with the subscription to five devices. In addition, all documents from anywhere in the world with Internet access are available through the links to the Microsoft cloud. Office 365 is also necessary when tables to be displayed on tablets with a screen size of more than 10.1 inches. In addition, the Premium version offers the following features:

  • Tracking and review of changes
  • Change the page orientation
  • Page and section breaks
  • Custom shades for table cells
  • Activation of columns in the page layout
  • Adjust the headers and footers of individual pages

Word App Cloud

Working together thanks to Cloud

With OneDrive users of Word app have 15GB of cloud storage. Documents can be easily shared with the cloud-based application via e-mail or link with others. In addition, users will automatically receive access to the most current version of your file or can it be released for processing in the team. Word for Android, Microsoft offers an easy to use word processor, all documents can be read and changed with the move. Who already works with Office, has the tool a perfectly functioning addition to traditional PC version in the hand and can let his creativity or for work from anywhere in the world run wild with it.