AirServer makes the Windows machine is ready to receive multimedia streams to be broadcast, for example, Apple mobiles. These use the AirPlay technology to transfer videos, music, or slideshows wirelessly via Wi-Fi in the ether.

Windows PC as AirPlay receiver with AirServer Download

The use of the AppleTV box was previously required for the receipt, which now becomes unnecessary thanks AirServer. So that the transmission from the iOS device works smoothly on the PC, are necessary under certain circumstances, changes to the firewall, but the shareware assists. If you have done these first steps, to configure AirServer match the PC audio and video hardware, so called lag in the transmission of streams are prevented. As helpful here predefined profiles for different iGeräte from iPhone to iPod Touch prove up to the iPad.

AirServer download

In a separate tab AirServer improved by the quality of the transmitted video respect sharpness, saturation, or contrast. Cool also: The user reflects the complete display content from iPhone, iPad & Co. on the PC monitor. That is no less than that in surfing websites, the signals from the cameras and especially games from the portable Apple land directly on the PC monitor. The current version 3.0.x now supports Android smartphones and tablets, Surface tablet and Windows 8.1. In this way, the user music, movies or photos from iOS, Android and Windows devices can transmit via wireless to a PC. Prerequisite for the activation of the trial is to register with the provider of the AirServer. For this, you click on the linked website the button free and logs in with either his Facebook account or a valid email address. AirServer makes normal Windows machine to AirPlay and Miracast receivers. So can also be smartphone and tablet content easily stream to the desired destination.

Limitations of AirServer

The trial version is seven days functional and requires registration with the manufacturer.