Reset Android to factory settings

Reset Android to factory settings makes sense if there are serious technical problems arise or if you want to give away or sell a smartphone or tablet. learn more now!

Reset Android to factory settings and delete all private data

First of all: Resetting to factory settings each Android version is retained. If the user has to say for example already running an update from version 4.0 to 4.1, they will receive after resetting a fresh version 4.1. Resetting thus does not affect the firmware, but only programs, settings, personal documents, music, videos, images, etc. The situation is similar with rooted Android phones. Who has rooted their device, for example with the free Android Root Tool Download, must not expect that the Android root is reset. Only to disappear the private data, but the smartphone is rooted.

Reset Android to factory settings

back up all important data before resetting

When buying a new smartphone or tablet is usually the question "What to do with the old appliance?" Usually it is given away to friends or relatives. Who wants to pass on his smartphone, should remember to put one's Android phone back and erase the data on it safely. Otherwise, the information of various applications and accounts, as well as documents, photos, videos and music including phone passed to the new owner. To prevent this, the user must first Android reset to their default settings. But even if the phone is not working properly, resetting provides to its factory settings in most cases for the welcome solution to the problems. Of course, the user should always perform a backup to the factory settings before resetting so that the data stored on the device data is not lost,

The way to reset varies depending on the version of Android

The option to reset the device can be found in the settings. Depending on the used version of Android it can be found in different places. Who uses, for example, an older Android 2.x smartphone, is under Settings > data protection > Factory data reset find. For devices with the Android operating system 4.0 to 4.1 to open Settings > Storage > again confirms Factory data reset and in the last step to reset to factory defaults. go similar to owners of Android smartphones from version 4.4: Settings > Save and reset > Reset to factory settings. Who wants to secure its application data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings previously enabled secure the check box for the option My Data. When you reinstall applications is the ability to restore the saved settings.

Android to factory settings Privacy

Android to factory settings Settings

Fresh smartphone without any private data

factory reset the paths to the Android are indeed different and you have depending on the version rummage a bit in the settings to find the matching entry, but the result is the same: the user gets back on "fresh" Smartphone or tablet without its private data and can pass it safely to another person.