Carcassonne is the same popular strategy card placement game for Windows 8 (.1). Like on the actual model is also here, the goal is to buy some cutting through skillful placement of its landscape and its inhabitants cards his opponents. Train to train created by and enemy maps a landscape with cities, monasteries, meadows and roads. The so-called followers - knights, monks, brigands or peasants - help in Carcassonne also going to expand the sphere of influence and so as far as possible to get hold of many victory points at the end of the game. In the present here trial Carcassonne games are only possible against a PC opponent. In the full version, up to six players gather in hotseat mode to the virtual table. purchasable expansions like the real game also are planned for future versions.

Limitations of Carcassonne

The trial version only games against a computer opponent are possible.