Flash Video Downloader for Chrome

Flash Video Downloader for Chrome

There are video clips that you want to watch over and over again. If they are playing online video portals, but for this the fastest possible Internet connection is always necessary – unless you have the Adobe Flash Player Video Downloader Chrome Installed. With the free add-on flash clips can be downloaded to your own computer and play from there as often. Even without an Internet connection.

suitable Flash Video Downloader Chrome on for clip producers

Besides the fact that the multiple playing the clips of Internet traffic now eliminated, it can be called only FVD Google Chrome, continue to use the video, if desired, and provided the necessary for this software is available with the Flash Video Downloader Chrome, you just. Tip: In the event that the new plants are to be published online, it must be ensured that no copyrights are violated. For this reason, you can also download any video from video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and other sites with the FVD for Chrome that offer copyrighted material.

Flash Video Downloader Chrome

FVD requires little memory

Apart from that, the flash is Video Downloader for Chrome but a very practical and sleek tool for all other video platforms. Unlike many other free downloaders for video portals the addon requires little memory (968 KB), whereby the Internet surfing after installation is not significantly slowed. With few clicks the program is installed in seconds. Just download the addon from our download area, confirm the Chrome browser and you downloading the clip can not start the browser.

Flash Video Downloader Chrome Installation

FVD convinced with simple operation

The FVD for Chrome displays the downloadable videos after installation in a new browser window. Previously, the user has the appropriate FVD download icon click, which is located in Chrome left of the Menu icon and the color changes when you surf on a web page on which a downloadable video is. Then you can not only download videos, but also audio. among other portals Facebook, Vkontakte, Blip, Metacafe, Break and many others are supported. Even Flash games can be downloaded with the Downloader add-on for Chrome. These are then stored in the SWF format.

Flash Video Downloader Chrome manufacturer

Practical Downloader add-on with a big shortcoming There are numerous situations and scenarios where you benefit from Flash Video Downloader Chrome. The free and slim add Nimbus Web Inc. is suitable for users who want to save their own collection of clips on the hard drive as well as for makers who want to include the video in its own factories and recycled. Even audios can be downloaded with the practical and free tool. Remains finally only one big drawback remains: the largest video platform, so YouTube, and on which copyrighted material is published other platforms, are excluded from the download. This restriction reduces the benefits. But still: The frequently asked and not always easy to answer if you would now like to use this or that video is so answered pretty quickly.