WhatsApp great wallpapers for every mood

WhatsApp great wallpapers for every mood

Change of scenery while chatting complacent? WhatsApp Wallpaper provide the perfect outfit for every mood. But what pictures are about? And what needs to be considered? We made smart for you.

WhatsApp if also (at least so far) can not shake a lot on the design of the Messengers, so allow at least changing the background image. When choosing the wallpaper, the user has a free hand. One can use one hand to suit your mood at the pictures of WhatsApp Wallpaper downloads. This is a free package of 30 background images. There is a also free to use any other image or photo. How has one or the other probably already found its own, however, not all images.

WhatsApp WallpaperWhatsApp Wallpaper can be replaced! (Picture: Pixabay.de/Redaktion)

WhatsApp Wallpaper of available downloads

The advantages of provided downloads of wallpapers are obvious. On the one hand, the user hours of searches in the network spared in own photo collections or anywhere else. Second, the images are then actually suitable for use in WhatsApp and immediately cut to the appropriate size. Do not forget: With a wallpaper package is obtained not only an image, but a whole, wide range.

Wallpaper made by WhatsApp

The wallpapers of their own home are free and can be easily integrated in Messenger – in the new material design. The user can choose between there landscape photographs, wallpaper-like patterns and abstract shapes. The styles of WhatsApp wallpapers are very different, so here everyone should be able to find. Among the 30 image files is missing, however, to real explosions of color. Also funny characters or pictures of animals are nowhere. For the most part neutral, melancholy and dreamy moods are captured here.

!. [WhatsApp Wallpaper templates] (/ images / inline_article / great-whatsapp-wallpaper-for-each-mood-article 55685ecda1475.jpeg The WhatsApp own templates catch rather dreamy moods (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)")

Wallpapers of megabit

All that is missing in our own wallpaper selection, users will find luckily for other providers. One of them is megabits with his “wallpapers for chat app.” The choice is not only huge, but also multi-colored. In addition to drawn pictures with Spongebob, owls, sheep and clouds, and atmospheric photos to users true color diversity can paper in the WhatsApp chats. Wild color combinations on roads, wood or abstract color form syntheses are on board. There is something for every whim catered for.

WhatsApp Wallpaper megabitThe app of megabits awaits the user a huge range of different wallpapers. (Picture: megabits)

use own pictures as a background

Who would rather resort to own imagery despite large selection of pre-made WhatsApp wallpapers, should consider some. So photos are indeed fond memories, but not always necessarily appropriate from your last vacation or the pet for the chat background. Three things you should consider when choosing:

  1. Choose possible large and high-resolution images so that they are not presented pixelated in the app.

  2. The picture is also critical. The best photos are in portrait mode, as this also corresponds to the format of smartphones. Or you can get a picture looking out, in which a section can be extracted in portrait mode. In addition, the proportions should vote.

  3. The main point, however, is the image content. One should note that will be covered by the image of the chat, parts – and change during a call, these areas constantly. The WhatsApp Wallpaper should thus rather come along in the form of patterns or even motives. So that the photo is not defaced while chatting because important parts of the image are covered.

WhatsApp wallpapers own picturesFor background images to other images are only somewhat. Patterns work best. (Picture: editorial)

A little hint: Looking for a suitable background to no less than wallpaper collections that were intended for the smartphone background, can be used. They are correct and the motives are also designed so that a masking by app icons and so does not interfere.