With free A-PDF Number Download a small tool for editing PDF files is on the home PC. As the name already see, there is a tool that is able to provide PDF documents with page numbers. For this, the users are even different options available.

A-PDF Number Download add page numbers to PDF add

The PDF format has become a popular format, especially for sending files worldwide. We are constantly faced with: In e-mail attachments, in deployed downloads such as manuals or if we want to send to businesses or project concepts to customers own applications or tenders. The Portable Document Format developed by Adobe, is a platform-independent format that can be passed on faithfully. Due to its popularity, the offer of PDF freeware downloads has grown enormously in recent years. So, among other things, the manufacturer A-PDF specializes in small machining tools around the PDF document. One of them is freely available here A-PDF Number Download. The program allows users to to provide PDF documents with page numbers. For this, the helper comes with different options.

A-PDF Number Download

installation & Operation of small PDF Software

The tool can be installed on Windows. Special requirements there are none, the tool works without other programs to be dependent. This means that even Adobe Reader is not necessary. The download of A-PDF Number is also done quickly, because the file is just 800KB in size. Also during installation there are no problems. The tool is basically only of a main window, which comes calmly and clean. Thus, since all features are immediately apparent, beginners come despite English language along well with the program.

A-PDF Number Download Options

Options for page numbers in A-PDF Number

To add page numbers in PDF documents, the software comes with several options: First, the PDF is in the page numbers now to be inserted, selected via Browse. Now, in the main window the kind of numbers is chosen. The user can decide, first, whether the entire document to be numbered or only part of it. In addition, stand three page numbers types available: Arabic numerals, large Roman numerals or small Roman numerals. Furthermore, can the determine position of the numbers. They can be placed in the middle, left or right. The color of the page number can be freely selected and prefixes can attach themselves. However, an important point is missing: The Font is not variable. As the PDF document will look with added page numbers can be seen in the preview window.