Audible login: So it works with and without Amazon!

Audible login: So it works with and without Amazon!

Of the Audible Login prepares some users after downloading the Audible app difficulties. This leads to confusion which user data is to be entered on which registration page. We reveal how the application works without problems. More on this below!

Audible login: confusion since the takeover by Amazon

Audible is the leading provider of commercial audio book downloads and is now a subsidiary of Amazon. the company Audible Inc. was established in 1995 by the US best-selling author Donald R. Katz, Audible has developed the most popular download platform for audio books before it was sold to Amazon in the year of 2009. This company’s history still has an impact on the Audible login because it often leads to confusion about how and where users are intended to login.

Audible LoginSeveral different options for Audible Login cause confusion.

Audible login without Amazon: Registration by User

The Audible login depends primarily on how long the user customer is already in the company. Who uses have long been the audiobook offer, has two ways to register with Audible: If the user name to be used when logging in, the user clicks on this link. If you, however, want to log in with their own e-mail address, you come here for Audible application.

Audible Login UsernameThe old Audible Login with username and password

Login via its own Amazon account

Who is new to Audible, simply log in with your own Amazon login. To this end, he gives this link to its Amazon user name and password Amazon. If the user does not have an Amazon account, it is automatically created when he registers with Audible. Who still problems logging can use the free service number for Germany of Audible support: 0,800 to 5,890,073.

Audible Login AmazonThe new Audible login directly through Amazon.

link Audible account with the Amazon account

Who still uses an old user, may wish to link its Audible account with the Amazon account and henceforth use the new Audible login. After connecting to the Amazon account you can log in with the Amazon credentials at Audible. Amazon points out that this has advantages, among others, the user has new features such as Whispersync for Voice and hearing when reading available. However Audible app users must download their already stored in the app audio books again after they have connected their accounts.

For connecting the Audible account with an Amazon account, the user logs in with his user name, click the My Account at the account settings on the sub-item "Use your Amazon account with Audible", Now confirm the credentials from Amazon and enter the correct payment data in the last step. Afterwards, the Audible login at Amazon and Audible is possible. remain active subscription, all the titles and purchases from both user accounts and not yet redeemed credit.

Audible Login changeConfirm Amazon account. Source: AudibleAudible Login Cashconfirm payment. Source: Audible