register Instagram - Here's how!

register Instagram – Here’s how!

Anyone with you register Instagram want the mobile app version for iPad Instagram for Android has to download. The only way to create an account with the photo network.

In Instagram register and share snapshots

The Instagram service is a mix of photo application and social network. The mobile app allows users their photos with different filters to be provided, after which the processed snapshots on the side of the provider with comments and hashtags can publish. Depending on privacy settings, other users can see these pictures, comment or redistribute.

register Instagram

The photo-filter and upload function is only available to users of the mobile application. This ensures that not all the albums will be posted online. Thus providing Instagram a filtered image of the daily events. Through the restriction to one photo upload creates a more conscious image selection.

The uploaded images can also look at the computer and comment. In any case, users must first set up an account with the service.

Registration with Instagram

Although users can easily log in the browser, but to register with Instagram is only possible in the app. For that you have to download first, the mobile app and install it on your smartphone.

When you first start they need to sign or sign up for Instagram. There is the choice between a registration with Facebook or with a separate e-mail address.

Instagram register Start

Sign Up for Instagram with Facebook

The easiest way to register is done in the photo app over a Facebook account.

For this type users on the appropriate button. Who is already logged on the social network, will be redirected to the release, otherwise users must log on again in the pop-up window on Facebook.

After that, the application to access rights to the public profile, friends list and e-mail address asking.

The Facebook name and profile photo will be taken, however, can be changed easily. The photo app also sends a confirmation message to the stored contact that includes a free circuit link.

yet an additional password must be assigned to complete the Instagram account. After that, users can expand their profile to a short biography and other personal data.

Instagram register Facebook

Instagram registration via e-mail address

Who wants to register with Instagram, requires not necessarily a Facebook access. A smartphone with a suitable operating system and an active e-mail address will work fine.

For a separate account users select at startup register the option to e-mail.

It appears an input screen, are chosen in the e-mail address, user name and password. If the desired name already taken, the icon is highlighted in red next to the field. Even for bad name, such as the use of several points one behind the other, an error is displayed.

Are the above fields filled in, users have to verify their registration only by clicking the confirmation e-mail.

register Instagram email