Microsoft Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2016

Become Microsoft Outlook 2016 download want to try, the Office uses 365 download, since in this office suite the current test version of the popular email client is included. The Microsoft Outlook 2016 Trial can be tested for 30 days free. In addition, Office 2016 versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Download: Enhanced document collaboration

Microsoft Outlook 2016 has over its predecessor better document collaboration and improved working conditions for the move. Each time there is a clear view of your own e-mail, calendar, contacts and files. The office workers always remains connected to Outlook 2016 also via iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone and can work productively.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 downloadMicrosoft Outlook 2016 Download: Do more with the new Outlook features. Source: Microsoft

Clear display of e-mail, calendar and contacts

Microsft Outlook includes a professional application for e-mail and calendar countless powerful features. Useful is the central calendar management, with which the user available meeting times tells schedule meetings and reminders can be displayed so that nothing important is forgotten.

Very convenient new option, office equipment directly from your own PC or from the cloud to be shared with other people. For this, the Outlook user can create groups for discussion or cooperation and sharing of files and notes with colleagues. Another plus: Skype is now integrated into Outlook 2016 so that you can discuss important decisions in real time via Skype voice and video calls.

New possibilities for cooperation with colleagues

At ease in 2016 a lot has changed in Microsoft Outlook. For example, Outlook now as you type suggestions for keywords and people ready and also features former own terms. This saves just for frequently used inputs a lot of time and typing. Just the ability to share files from the cloud, provides in Microsoft Office 2016 – as well as in the other components of Office package – new options for collaboration with colleagues.